ROC Couture: Fashion and The Flower City

Model, Hair & Makeup:  Vivian Darling . Dress & Accessories: Vivian Darling.  Karlie Cary Lanni , Principal Photographer

Model, Hair & Makeup: Vivian Darling. Dress & Accessories: Vivian Darling. Karlie Cary Lanni, Principal Photographer


“Without foundations,” Christian Dior said, “there can be no fashion.” Fashion. The word itself evokes different feelings, images, and sensations. Couture evokes the styles of legendary designers and notorious personalities – past and present – with a multi-billion dollar industry always constructing and challenging the human ethos of the time. However, fashion is more than just fabric and accoutrements. Behind its curvatures, textiles, and silhouettes lies a tremendous ability - the power to create and ‘perform’ an identity. There is no better representation of performing fashion than drag queens.

Meet the Queens.

Flower City Queens is proud to present ROC Couture: Fashion and the Flower City. Twelve queens will grace this magazine-inspired calendar, each showing their unique aesthetic. We are pleased to announce Out Alliance will be this year’s recipient. Empowering our community since 1973, half the proceeds from each calendar will benefit the organization.

We are so thrilled to create a second edition celebrating Rochester’s drag herstory. We hope you will join us in celebrating the art of fashion, drag, and the beauty they create on and off the stage.